A reliable partner for fixing machine repairs

Why Scodrive?

Streamline your process for quick machine repair.

Improve Productivity

Scrodrive’s commitment to providing well-trained service engineers is a strategic investment in your productivity. When your machines operate smoothly at max efficiency, it means increased production, on-time delivery, and satisfied customers giving you an upper hand and a competitive edge in the market.

Minimized Downtime

When you encounter an issue with your Industrial machine it can disrupt your entire workflow resulting in costly delays. Our engineers are not only skilled technicians, but are also equipped with all the tools and spares needed to address your issues promptly, thus minimizing downtime to a great extent.

Streamlined process

With Scrodrive by your side, finding the right engineers can never be a problem again. Effortlessly request and schedule service engineer visits thereby reducing the hassles involved in finding a local technician. With just a few clicks, you have a qualified technician at your facility ready to resolve your issues.

Data Privacy

A paragon of trust. Your data privacy is our top priority

Safeguarding customer data is not just a commitment; it's a fundamental pillar of our culture. We recognize the critical importance of data privacy and have implemented a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the utmost security of our users' information. From cutting-edge encryption protocols and secure storage practices to stringent access controls and regular security audits, every aspect of our platform is designed with your data protection in mind. 

Customer's Perspective

Scrodrive's Main Value Proposition

  • Swift

    Scrodrive addresses concerns swiftly and effectively. Upon initiating a call through the app, expect an initial response within 5 minutes, with an engineer promptly addressing the issue within 180 minutes after the call is raised.

  • Cost-Effective

    Scrodrive is cost-effective. When considering the alternative of losing productivity for 2 or 3 days due to a non-functional machine, the expenses associated with Scrodrive are reasonable.

  • Reliable

    Scrodrive dispatches adequately skilled and well-trained engineers, ensuring the right expertise for the job. Additionally, the platform provides peace of mind through proactive maintenance, with engineers efficiently checking your machines at a reasonable cost.

  • On-Demand

    There's no need to employ a full-time technician for factory issues. Scrodrive's model of on-demand service is available whenever problems arise. We are just a click away

Advantages of using our platform

A few reasons to rely on

From minor adjustments to complex repairs, our specialization lies in the meticulous repair and maintenance of sewing machines.

With years of trained experience come the ability to quickly identify issues, diagnose problems accurately and implement effective solutions. Well-versed in the intricacies of various sewing machine models.

Our mechanics work with a sense of urgency ensuring repairs and maintenance are completed promptly minimizing disruptions in your production workflow and maximize output at your facility.

Our network of service engineers undergo stringent vetting process ensuring they possess the knowledge, expertise and skills to solve a wide range of sewing machine problems.

With a deep understanding of the intricacies involved, our technicians are able to diagnose remotely and solve the issue.

You are not just hiring a technician but forming a relationship with a reliable partner who will ensure proactive maintenance and prevent issues before they arise and be readily available when you need.

The quality of our service is reflection of our commitment to excellence. Strict quality control measures to ensure every service call is carried out with precision and attention to detail, allowing our engineers to be rated by you.

Brand Agnostic

Experience efficiency, reliability and commitment. We are brand-agnostic experts.

At Scrodrive, we take pride in being brand-agnostic experts, offering top-notch repair services across a diverse range of machinery brands. Our engineers are well-equipped to handle repairs with precision, ensuring optimal functionality, regardless of the brand. Experience efficiency, reliability, and a commitment to excellence – because when it comes to machinery, we speak every brand.

Brands we deal with

Our expertise extends to a wide range of brands across the globe